Welcome to this little site where you can download all of the Eerie Publications comics I was able to find on the internet plus plenty of my own scans and scans done by friends.. 

To the best of my knowledge those comics are abandonware and should therefore be legal to share.

The files are being offered in CBZ format.  That's basically a zip archive containing the scanned images of the comic in the correct sequential order.  

On Windows you can use CDisplay Ex for reading those files: http://www.cdisplayex.com/

Mac OS X users should be able to find a good reader here: http://www.comicbookreaderguide.com/mac/

There are also apps for tablets and smartphones.

Check out what we have by clicking on the Downloads menu above.

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And please buy Mike's book if you like what you see and would also like to own the best stories in print! Without him this site wouldn't exist.