Scanned 2 more books today:

Chilling Tales of Horror 1.1

Shock 1.5

Download here:

Shock 1.04

Got the book recently and wasn't too fond of the old scan, so here's an update:

Tales From The Crypt 1.10

Page 49 had been missing. Thanks to Tom Hartley for letting me know!

Witches' Tales 2.5

I have just added 2 rescans courtesy of JUBIL-SCAN:

Horror Tales 2.2

Terror Tales 6.2

Thanks to The Drive-In Guy we now have a complete digital collection! Today I have added the last missing issue:

Weird 13.3 (06 1980)

MrX has been kind enough to re-edit this book (splitting the pages) and add the 2 missing pages. Thanks!

Terror Tales 6.2

Now there's only _1_ magazine missing and the Eerie Pubs collection is complete.

Weird 14.3