Thanks to JUBIL-SCAN we now have a complete collection of Horror Tales!

Horror Tales 5.6

Thanks to a scan from The Drive-In Guy we have a new entry in our download section:

Weird 9.2

Scanned and uploaded another issue of Weird today (bringing the number of missing issues down to _7_):

Weird 11.1

Added another fine JUBIL-SCAN release which completes the Witches' Tales series!

Witches Tales 1.7

Scanned and added the last missing issue of TFTT!

Tales From The Tomb 5.5

Just scanned the last missing issue of this series today:

Weird Vampire Tales 5.2

Sorry for long time not posting!  It seems that the old saying still rings true, if you want to make sure something gets done you have to do it yourself.  

So here's my scan which completes the "Tales Of Voodoo" series.  I am also trying to acquire the other missing issues so please bear with me, this might take a while! :)

Tales Of Voodoo 6.4

Courtesy of scanmeister JUBIL-SCAN I have added the following new scans:

Tales From The Tomb 2.4

Tales From The Tomb 6.3

Terror Tales 6.5