Thanks to JUBIL-SCAN for those updates!

Horror Tales 4.7

Horror Tales 6.2

Horror Tales 9.2

Horror Tales 9.3 (9.4)

Finally received my copy of Weird 13.2, so I scanned it! Only 2 more issues missing, one is on the way.

Weird 13.2

2 updated scans from JUBIL-SCAN have been added as well, grab them while they're hot:

Horror Tales 4.7

Tales From The Tomb 3.3 (alternative scan)

The previous version of Horror Tales 2.1 wasn't a genuine scan. Someone had replaced the last 2 stories with 3 stories from other issues. So here's a completely new scan of the whole issue:

Horror Tales 2.1

Additionally 2 other books have been replaced with bigger files. Thanks JUBIL-SCAN!

Tales From The Tomb 6.6

Weird 4.2

Finally received and scanned a copy of this very elusive book! Enjoy!

Terror Tales 1.7

Now there are only 3 issues of Weird missing.

Thanks to an Eerie Pubs Usenet flood by TheCosmicJukebox we now have a couple of updated books which had only been available in recompressed form (usually below 10MB in size). The new versions should have less artifacts and a little more clarity! Thanks!

Weird Vampire Tales 3.2

Witches Tales 1.8

Witches Tales 2.1

Witches Tales 2.6

Witches Tales 3.2

Witches Tales 4.2

Witches Tales 5.1

Witches Tales 5.5

Replaced the scan of Weird 12.3 with my own version since the old upload had plenty of holes.

Weird 12.3

This is a cobbled together placeholder issue until someone helps us out with a better scan!

Terror Tales 1.7

Thanks to a new The Drive-In Guy scan I was able to add the following issue:

Weird 9.1