The last scan of the issues only I own.  May scan some more of the other missing books, dunno yet.

Witches' Tales 6.3

Added 2 new scans today:

Witches' Tales 5.6

and this book which wasn't fun scanning:

Murder Tales 1.10

The art is terrible and scanning only made it worse.  Only for the completist!

And another 6.6 scan:

Weird 6.6

Added my 17th scan:

Terror Tales 6.6

Added a new scan:

Weird Vampire Tales 5.1

You can also sign up now and comment on issues!  You have to click down to file detail level to see the comments area.  I will also allow uploading later when I have found out why it doesn't work.

From JUBIL-SCAN we got:

Tales From The Tomb 4.1
Tales From The Tomb 6.6

Tales Of The Killers 1.11

Terror Tales 5.5
Terror Tales 8.1

Witches' Tales 1.9

And one more scan by me to complete volume 4 of this series:

Horror Tales 4.6

Added a new scan to the collection:

Terror Tales 4.5

And the scanning train keeps a-rollin':

Horror Tales 4.5