Scanned and added another fine book:

Weird 11.4

Today we welcome the following new entries to the download section:

Horror Tales 7.4

Horror Tales 8.4

Horror Tales 9.1

Terror Tales 8.2


Scanned and added:

Weird 6.7

Today we have a couple of new scans courtesy of our good old friend JUBIL-SCAN:

Tales Of Voodoo 6.5

Terror Tales 2.4

Weird 2.2

Weird 4.4

Weird 8.2

Weird 10.1

Weird 14.2

Weird Vampire Tales 4.2

Witches' Tales 4.6

Only 5.6 is missing, some more scans coming up:

Horror Tales 9.3

Added an early Weird issue scanned by our good friend DZILLA:

Weird 3.1

Just scanned and uploaded:

Horror Tales 10.1

My scan of the day, only for you:

Tales From The Tomb 4.5