A new scan has been added:

Weird 6.3

A new "Weird" has been added thanks to JUBIL-SCAN:

Weird 3.1 (2.5)

First we have a new scan by DZILLA:

Weird 1.11

And a couple of more mags from JUBIL-SCAN:

Weird 1.12
Weird 2.1
Weird 2.3
Weird 2.4

Plus a new scan of:

Horror Tales 3.5

Thanks to JUBIL–SCAN we now have the following new files:

Horror Tales 3.6
Horror Tales 4.3
Horror Tales 4.7
Horror Tales 5.1

Added a high resolution scan of "Weird" Volume 5, Issue 5:



Added a high resolution scan of "Terrors of Dracula" volume 2, issue 1.


Added a high resolution scan of the first issue of "Terrors of Dracula" (volume 1, issue 3).


Uploaded a better version of "Tales from the Tomb", volume 5, issue 2 (thanks Dave!):


Added "Tales of Voodo", volume 4, issues 4 & 6 (thanks again Dave!):


Added the ability to inform of site changes.